At St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School, we have developed a history curriculum that embodies our school’s core aims of Learn, Love , Pray and Play. We teach inspiring lessons to motivate children to achieve. In addition to developing children’s knowledge and understanding of the past, it is important for children to know about big ideas, events and significant people that have shaped our world and local community. We endeavour to ensure that the history curriculum we provide will give children the confidence and motivation to continue to further develop their skills into the next stage of their education and life experiences. There are opportunities for children to visit historical sites which will bring their learning to life.


In History lessons at St. Thomas More, we want to give children a personal identity, discovering more about themselves and their place in Local History and from the past and wider world. Children will learn how to relate to people from the past and respect the opinions of others in lessons. As our knowledge and understanding of the past grows, the children will be given the opportunity to distinguish between right and wrong. History at St. Thomas More will teach the children to recognise that we are part of a diverse and multicultural community. The children will see how past civilisations have impacted our current lives and how we can change things for the better for the needs of present and future generations.