Religious Education provides an opportunity to foster in our children a reverence and love for God, an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help them identify themselves as Christians in the Catholic Church, developing traditions of our Catholic faith. 

We aim to promote: 

  • Knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith and life.
  • Knowledge and love of Christ within the Sacraments.
  • The skills needed to engage in examination or reflection upon religious belief and practice.
  • The needs of all our children knowing that some of them will be from committed Catholic homes while others will not.
  • The celebration of RE for our pupils through shared assemblies and liturgies.
  • A spiritual dimension to the lives of the pupils and the liturgical year is reflected in the life and activities of the school.
  • Positive attitudes towards people of other faiths and other religious traditions in relation to God.  

Religious Education is regarded as the heart of the curriculum enriching and informing all areas of learning.  Religious Education must always deepen pupils understanding of Catholic belief and contribute to their education in the Catholic faith and foster reverence, awe and wonder. 

The “Come and See” programme incorporates pupils learning about other faiths. Visits from speakers representing other Christian denominations and other faith groups will be encouraged in order to strengthen links with the wider community.  The children take part in two diversity weeks a year, which enable them to develop their understanding and knowledge of the world around them.

To fulfil our aims and objectives of educating all our children in religion we use the religious programme “Come and See”. We use a whole school approach that explores the same topic at the same time, though of course at the appropriate level of the year group.    

Religious Education gives shape and is linked to the whole curriculum; every part of it is ultimately related to God.  We teach to further children’s faith development not only through lessons and activities relating to a formal programme, but through prayer and worship and most importantly by examples. 

Religious Education is taught for 10% of curriculum time in all classes.

EYFS and KS1 – 2.25 hours a week  

KS2 – 2.5 hours a week