• Children have the option to have hot school meals at lunchtime or to bring a packed lunch to school.
  • If opting to bring a packed lunch, we encourage you to provide a healthy lunch for your children.
  • If you are on a low income and receive benefits, you may be entitled to free school meals.  Please call into the school office for details of how to see if you are eligible. This information is treated with confidentiality by the school office.
  • All children in Key Stage One are entitled to receive a free school meal, to claim this you must request a lunch for your child via our catering providers website.
  • We use Kingswood Catering as our meal providers. You can order and pay for your child’s lunch online at http://www.kingswoodcatering.co.uk  Please follow the online instructions to register.
  • Menus are on a three week cycle and change three times a year so we can include seasonal dishes wherever possible.
  • Kingswood Catering work closely with schools to ensure that the needs of each school have been met. We can even develop our menus with the pupils of schools and their parents so we can produce truly unique choices.
  • Each menu for every school has multiple options so every child is encouraged to eat a full, healthy meal.

Handy Tip

To ensure your child receives their first choice of meal, please make sure you remember to place your order before 11.59am on Wednesday, for the following week

If you are unable to book online please ensure that you send your child in with a packed lunch.