We are always delighted to welcome new children into the St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School family. We thank all our parents/carers for entrusting us with this special chapter in their child’s life. We know that school is so much more than a place to be educated and we look forward to helping our children to grow personally, academically and spiritually throughout their time with us.


Parents/Carers have many questions regarding preparing a child for the start of their school life. It is important for us to manage the transition from pre-school / home to school.  It is key that we get this right, so that the children feel happy and positive about starting school. 


Please find below details of our transition process for once your child has been offered a place at St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School:


New Parents’ Evening

This information session is led by the school’s Leadership Team and the EYFS team.  It aims to introduce you to the EYFS provision and how we run it here at St Thomas More. There will be lots more information provided here; such as School Meals, Tapestry, uniform, Parentmail etc. 


Stay and Play

You and your child will have the opportunity to spend some time in their new classroom, meet some of their new friends and, of course, meet their new Class Teacher and Teaching Assistants.  We welcome you to stay with your child and enjoy the experience with them, but politely ask that younger siblings do not attend.  


Home Visits

These are an opportunity for the EYFS staff to meet you and your child in the home environment. You can discuss any matters relating to your child’s induction into St Thomas More.  The meetings are not compulsory but parents do find them useful.  


Introductory Session

Your child will be welcomed to an introductory session of 1.5 hours in September. This gives them a chance to experience life at school before they formally start.  We ask that they attend this session on their own and will enter and leave the classroom via the classroom door to allow them to see what it will be like to come to school.  The children should wear their usual home clothes for this session.  


Starting School in September

To help the children settle into the school routine, the dates that the children start will be staggered. We feel that by starting full time, they adapt to school life quickly and confidently. 


We do hope that this information has proven helpful and that you are clear on how the school is managing the transition for your children into school life.  If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything further, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be more than happy to help. 


If you are a prospective parent and would like to visit us, please book on for a school tour.